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ufat : union des fabricants d'aides techniques
Nos missions
ufat : union des fabricants d'aides techniques
Nos missions


Promote understanding of the technical aids we put on the market.

Maintain regular contact with the authorities in charge of health-related issues and provide them with information on users' needs and the solutions offered by technical aids.

Ensure free access for all to technical aids, regardless of income or geographical location.

Seek innovative technical solutions to simplify or improve users' lives.

Offer guidance to clinical trials that provide documentary evidence of services offered and expected.

Train distributors of medical equipment in new technical developments and ensure they act professionally.

Support the recognition of technical aids by potential funding bodies in the public (social security, regional disabled persons' centres, etc.) and private sectors (top-up health insurance companies, etc.).


Lobby the relevant ministers to cover as much of the cost of technical aids as possible. Advise the government and institutions specialising in decision-making and the drafting of legislation or regulations that have an impact on the market for technical aids.

Share experiences with institutions and other associations involved in the market for technical aids on a regular basis, including: the HAS, CEPS, CEPP, CNSA, CERAH, AFSSAPS, SNITEM, SYNALAM, UNPDM, etc.

Formally consolidate our sales volume by type of technical aid, to produce a scientific and transparent assessment of the reality of the market.

Ensure all manufacturers understand and comply with the French and European laws and decrees in effect in the area of technical aids.

Guarantee free competition between all of us in order to ensure customer choice.

Communicate with other associations in Europe and learn from their actions and the advances they have made.

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